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Are you following plans for developing the North 40 in Los Gatos? We are! Check our news page for more information

Our news page will also give you more information about the planned development at the corner of Curtner and Union.

Nextdoor Neighborhood Network

Nextdoor offers free private social networks for neighborhoods. Once you join, you can use Nextdoor to talk to your neighbors about issues like safety, yard sales, and good pet sitters. Find out more about Nextdoor at If you live in the Carlton Avenue area, you can join Carlton's Nextdoor site at Next Door Carlton Avenue

Next CCC Meeting - Monday, August 4, 2014, Cambrian School District Boardroom - 4115 Jacksol Drive, 95124, 7 p.m.

September 8, 2014, Cambrian School District Boardroom.

October 6, 2014, Cambrian School District Boardroom.

No meeting in July.

Information about the Cambrian Neighborhood and the Cambrian Community Council

The Cambrian Community Council, or CCC, is a neighborhood association located in the Cambrian area of San Jose. We welcome community attendance and input at our monthly meetings. Council activities include:

Please explore our web site for information about our monthly meetings, to find out how the CCC can help you resolve community needs and concerns, and to enjoy current and historical information about the Cambrian area.

Cambrian Park Plaza....1960s and Now

Check out more Cambrian history on our Cambrian history and photos page.

Cambrian Park Plaza 1960s Cambrian Park Plaza with carousel