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Cambrian Community Council Meeting

  • Cambrian Library Community Room (map)

Hello and welcome to 2019!

 The Cambrian Community Council would like to welcome you to our 36th year of service to the community and the first meeting of 2019 at the Cambrian Library on Monday January 7th starting at 7pm. The meeting agenda can be viewed at

The year 2019 will present many changes and challenges For the Cambrian community, a community that has traditionally been quiet and peaceful.

As the year opens the Cambrian area continues to experience a wave of burglaries, thefts, and other criminal activities. On January 16th at the Good Samaritan Episcopal Church on Union Avenue at Highway 85 the Santa Clara County Sheriffs office and San Jose Police Department will meet with the public to discuss the situation in Cambrian and crime prevention techniques, please plan on attending.

The results from the election of 2018 are in! The Cambrian Community Council welcomes Pam Foley our new San Jose City Councilperson for District 9. San Jose City District 9 includes the San Jose part of the Cambrian area. We look forward to working closely with Pam over the next 4 years and welcome her District 9 representative to the Cambrian Community Council monthly meetings. Pam will be also working with the District 9 Leadership Group. Their first meeting of the year is on January 10th (Thursday this week) where Pam will speak with the community and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo may also make an appearance. The Cambrian Community Council encourages all to attend the D9 meeting at the Cambrian Library starting at 7 pm on Thursday.

This year also will see key decisions being made regarding the development of the Cambrian Park Plaza. The Cambrian Community Council Special Committee for Cambrian Park Plaza will provide updates each month on current and upcoming decisions. Now is a good time to be involved in the process to ensure Cambrian receives a winning development beneficial to the whole community.

For those who rely on public transportation the Valley Transit Authority (VTA) is proposing many changes to the public transportation coverage in the Cambrian area. Come to the Monday meeting to find out what the proposed changes are and how your voice can be heard when the decisions are being made. The #37 bus runs by the Cambrian Library on Hillsdale. If you do not take public transportation come hear the proposed changes to learn how they effect the development proposed at the Cambrian Park Plaza.

This year will see 4 developments on Union Avenue. The Union School District is pursuing development of their corporation yard on Union and Los Gatos Almaden Rd, Harker school is pursuing development plans near Union and 85, Weingarten Realty continues to pursue development plans for Cambrian Park Plaza at Union and Camden, and Campbell Union High School District continues with development plans for their property between Camden and Foxworthy on Union Ave.

Status, updates, and how to be involved in the decision making process on these projects and future projects will be presented at each monthly Cambrian Community Council meeting in 2019.

In addition to the subjects already mentioned the Cambrian Community Council monthly meetings provide a forum for community issues to be brought to the forefront where they can be addressed and pursued with the appropriate government bodies.

Welcome to our 36th year of service to the community. The purpose of the Cambrian Community Council is expressed in the preamble to our Bylaws.

The Cambrian Community Council was established in 1983 under the sponsorship of Supervisor Rod Diridon Sr. to preserve and enhance the quality of life in the Cambrian Area. As a Nonpartisan body, we are united in our resolve to provide an open forum for citizen expression. In conjunction with our forum, we are resolved to establish and maintain effective lines of communication among Cambrian residents, Local Businesses, the City of San Jose, County of Santa Clara and State Agencies. Using the vehicle of open dialogue, we hope to ascertain the concerns of our Citizens, gather the best information for analysis of those concerns, and forward our conclusions to government offices and/or other organizations.

See you at the meeting on Monday at 7pm at the Cambrian Library on Hillsdale Ave. The agenda for the meeting can viewed and downloaded from our webpage at

Date: January 7, 2019
Time: 7 pm
Location: Cambrian Library Community Room at 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, CA