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Cole cameron

Cole represents District 4 south of Camden, north of 85, between Union and Jacksol Dr south of Woodard Rd and between Union and Bascom north of Woodard Rd. Cole is a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) member, trained as a Program Manager; his goal is to bring CERT to our neighborhoods. He also has years of youth empowerment, inner emotional work and community service.

ed chirco

Ed represents District 2, north of Camden Ave, South of Curtner Avenue, from Leigh Avenue to Highway 17. Ed is a well known and long time resident of the Cambrian area and as such has a good knowledge of events and changes that have occurred through the years.

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garnetta annable

Garnetta represents District 1, from Curtner Ave on the south, to Dry Creek Rd on the north, between Highway 17 and Leigh Ave. When not working full time serving elderly and mentally ill, Garnetta's community service is primarily serving as a volunteer for open space, county parks, recreation and farmland conservation.  She is a founding member and past Director of Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority.

George stuckert

George represents District 6 south of 85 to Los Gatos Almaden Rd between Union and Los Gatos Blvd. George, like Ed is a long time resident and member of the Cambrian Community Council who contributes to the continuity and knowledge base from years of working with community issues.


Mike smithwick

Mike represents District 5, the county pocket, between Union Avenue and Leigh Avenue from Camden to Los Gatos Almaden Road. One of the newest members of the council Mike has lived in Cambrian for 20 years and became involved this last year with efforts to get a winning development at the Cambrian Park Plaza.


Bob Burres

Bob is a long time resident of Cambrian and a member at large who’s involvement in the D9LG and the FoCPP is only the latest of the many community groups Bob has participated in. His leadership, energy, compassion, and community spirit is a great addition to the CCC. Bob would like to work with the community on efforts to address crime and traffic in Cambrian.

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Garnetta Annable
District 1
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District 1
Ed Chirco
District 2
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Cole Cameron
District 4 & Chair
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Mike Smithwick
District 5 & Vice Chair
(408) 206-0087 District 5
George Stuckert
District 6
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Bob Burres
Member At Large
Member At Large