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2040 Plan - 4 Year Review Meeting Dates and Times Announced.

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Camden Urban Village

Urban Villages are one of the goals of the 2040 Plan. The 2040 Plan is the guiding document for City of San Jose development for the next 20 years. The 2040 Plan envisions an Urban Village along Camden Avenue from the Lucky Shopping Center to Target, from west of the Union-Camden intersection to the Ross-Hillsdale intersection.

Along the corridor the 2040 Plan envisions high rise buildings,from 4 to 8 stories and taller, and new dwellings in the form of apartments and condominiums as well as commercial buildings.

Under the current 2040 Plan parking for the new residents and new businesses will be severely restricted or be totally eliminated. All new resident parking and new business parking will have to necessarily be on neighborhood streets in existing neighborhoods.

The approximate total acreage for the Camden Urban Village is 90 Acres. Approximately 20 Acres are designated as housing. The target goal of the 2040 Plan is to have 40 Dwelling Units per Acre.(40 DU/acre)

Simple math shows 800 more dwellings (apartments and/or condos) to be built in the Urban Village along Camden Avenue. An average of 2 persons per unit means at least 1,600 more people will be housed in the 0.95 mile stretch of Camden Avenue and Hillsdale Avenue that make up the Camden Urban Village.

A lot of good can come from development like this if done correctly and done in a location that has the infrastructure, policing, fire response, and schools to handle it.

With the traffic problems already on Camden, Union, and Hillsdale as well as the other streets in the area it will be a challenge to do this much development and have no effect on the existing infrastructure and neighborhoods.

This is the reason the input and attendence of Cambrian Residents at this 4 Year Review is so critical and so important. If there is going to be development it has to be the right development and it has to account for traffic issues, crime issues, infrastructure issues, school issues, and the other things that will be impacted by developing highrises along Camden and Hillsdale avenues and adding another almost 2,000 new residents to the area.

City of San Jose Statement

The Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan establishes a four-year review cycle, providing opportunity to evaluate the City's achievement of key goals and mid-course adjustments to the General Plan. This work will be done through open, public meetings of the Envision San Jose 2040 Task Force and City Council.

2040 Plan Review Meeting Schedule

Meeting Location : Wing Rooms 118-120 San Jose City Hall
6p to 9p

  • November 20, 2019 Meeting #1 : Introduction and Background
  • December 18, 2019 Meeting #2 : Housing Issues
  • January 30, 2020 Meeting #3 : Urban Village Implementation
  • February 27, 2020 Meeting #4 : Evergreen-East Hills Development Policy and GHG Reduction
  • March 26, 2020 Meeting #5 : Capacity Shifts
  • April 8, 2020 Meeting #6 : Summary and Next Steps
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ADP Bascom Development Project
Development Proposal
79-unit/88 bed, 3-story, 73,000-square foot
Residential Care Facility for the Elderly

on Bascom Avenue south of Dry Creek Road
By Advocacy Development Partners
October 17th - 6:30 pm at the Camden Community Center Classroom #1 Public Meeting by the City of San Jose regarding proposed development
Project Location at 2375 & 2395 South Bascom Avenue
Meeting Notification Postcard
The Cambrian Community Council, established in 1983, are community volunteers who meet monthly providing advice, help, and support on community related matters for the residents of Cambrian area.1

    The next meeting is Monday November 4th - 7:00 pm at Cambrian Library Community Room 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose - See you there!    

  • The Cambrian Community Council is the place where Cambrian residents can bring up community issues and work towards solutions. When appropriate the council will help bring community recommendations or issues of concern to city and county officials.

  • The Cambrian Community Council is also a place for fun where community events for the good of Cambrian can be initiated, organized, and promoted.

Be sure to join our mailing list so we can update you on important events in Cambrian.

The Cambrian area includes residents of the Santa Clara County pockets, residents of San Jose, residents of Campbell, and residents of Los Gatos. These are the "Four Corners" that make up the community of Cambrian.
Cambrian area street scene

Cambrian area street scene


The CCC doesn't just focus on Cambrian area problems; we also discuss activities in our neighborhoods & promote involvement in local events.


Join us

We meet the first Monday of every month. If the first Monday is a holiday, we meet the 2nd Monday. 

Our next meeting is Monday December 2nd

Meeting Time is 7 p.m.

Meeting Location is the community room of the Cambrian Library. The library is located at 1780 Hillsdale Avenue, San Jose.


Cambrian Library, site of the CCC's monthly meetings

Cambrian Library, site of the CCC's monthly meetings


CCC Members

Current CCC members are Ed Chirco, George Stuckert, Garnetta Annable, Cole Cameron, Mike Smithwick, Bob Burres, Monica Mallon

Cambrian Park Carousel, a local landmark.

Cambrian Park Carousel, a local landmark.


Cambrian Community Council  - "Your Avenue to a Better Community" 


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